How to boost your brand, communication and leadership? We advise you.

1. Develop your brand image by increasing its impact

2. Boost your communication and deliver the right messages to the right audiences

3. Develop your intergenerational leadership and keep your talents, benefit from their know-how, their know-how over the long term

Our tailor-made solutions


Brand image, communication & visibility

We advise you to create an image for your company that reflects your values and presents you to your customers from an authentic angle. In addition to our communication offer for content creation, you receive a complete and holistic strategy for managing your image and your communication.


  • Global visibility
  • Brand image
  • Business Development

Here are some examples of our creations:

  • Advice on your personas, markets, audiences
  • Advice on message, tone, dissemination tools
  • Advice on your “why”, your “USP” and your know-how
  • Advice on your overall brand image
  • Personal branding tips
  • LinkedIn Profile Tips
  • Brand, logo, graphic charter and other visual advice
  • Digital and traditional visibility advice
  • Digital advertising and SEO optimization

Retain and attract talent

Thanks to our network of partners specializing in various industries, we help you implement the best strategies to manage your image, attract and retain talent, implement diversity & inclusion policies, promote performance and transfer knowledge and diverse experiences.


  • Meaning at work
  • Corporate culture
  • Leadership
  • retain talent
  • Develop talent

Here are some examples of our creations:

  • Audit
  • Your “why”
  • Your company values
  • Talent retention and attraction tools
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Continuity and key functions
  • Best practice for managers
  • Talent path
  • Employer brand and EVP
  • Soft skills vs hard skills training plan
  • “Multigenerational” management tools

Executive session

We help you put in place an effective talent management strategy to help you attract the talents that match your corporate culture and the skills you are looking for, retain them and prevent them from moving on to the competition. We offer “executive” type sessions of 2 hours per group of 3-4 managers/directors.


  • Meaning at work
  • Corporate culture
  • Leadership
  • retain talent

Here are some examples of our creations:

  • Benevolent management tools
  • Tools for Talent Management
  • Tools for Employer Branding
  • Linkedin tools
  • Tools for Corporate Culture
  • Tools for listening and facilitating
Invest in its employees and develop their profitability

How to attract and retain talent in the company?

Management cannot do everything. A company needs its talents to attract, serve and retain customers. Similarly, the development of products, the operation of the company and its efficiency depend in part on the company’s ability to attract the right people, motivate them and ensure their full commitment to the company’s project. . Finally, the company must ensure that knowledge is passed on to newcomers so as not to lose the fruit of past experiences.

The company achieves this result with a real management policy, by investing in its team, by proposing a common objective to which everyone can identify and adhere.

This notably requires a corporate culture and strong values. The phenomenon of the great resignation in the United States has shown how quickly companies can lose their talent. And this phenomenon is also hitting Europe. Overnight some companies lose their talents, some of whom have lost their meaning at work. Losing talent represents a significant human and financial loss (can amount to hundreds of thousands of francs per talent). To avoid this situation, in 123 Next Generation, we also advise companies on their corporate culture, their identity, their values, their diversity and inclusion, their multigenerational transmission, their HR strategy in order to retain their employees over the long term. The employer brand is also one of the interesting tools to attract your future talents to your job offers. As soon as your teams are satisfied, they act as ambassadors to promote your company.

We provide the execution force to unload teams and lead to the accomplishment of your objectives.

Create a strong corporate culture to motivate your teams and increase their efficiency

How to develop a strong corporate culture?

The corporate culture brings the team together around common values and strengthens group cohesion.
Your team will thus have the feeling of moving in a common direction and will better pool its resources for the benefit of the company.

You need to articulate why your business exists, your deep aspiration and define your values. Your values will need to be effectively communicated and embodied by management. You will be able to create moments of exchange within the team and promote personal communication.

The aim is to give meaning to the work environment, to allow everyone to find their place and contribute to the company’s projects. It is a long-term substantive work, because behaviors do not change from one day to the next. This is where the help of an experienced external professional can provide you with the necessary help – your managers will not have to juggle their professional obligations and the establishment of a corporate culture that promotes acquisition. , developing and retaining talent.

We help you create this corporate culture and provide you with the necessary workforce to achieve it.

The virtuous cycle: attracting talent, developing their skills and knowing how to retain them
Motivate your teams and create a strong employer brand to maximize your company's performance

How do you motivate your team and get them to adhere to the company’s project?

The company lives thanks to its team, but this team will only give its maximum if it adheres to the project and takes ownership of it. Managing to unite employees is therefore a major challenge for the company.

You can start by demonstrating the need by highlighting the problems that justify your action. You will be able to involve employees more in the project, invite them to give their opinion and give respect and benevolence to each opinion. Everyone’s responsibilities must be defined and you can meet individually with the team members to take stock with them of their positioning in relation to the project.

However, establishing such a corporate culture and developing the employer brand requires a lot of time and investment, as well as a specific skill set.

We always start from a discussion with our clients in order to understand their specific needs, constraints and objectives. Our support is then “tailor-made” in relation to your needs.

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