Our soft skills training and intergenerational programs help you attract and motivate your talents

1. Personalize the training according to your soft skills and intergenerational needs

2. Identify key needs to boost your team and its performance

3. Obtain the skills the team lacks

Our tailor-made solutions


Soft Skills training

We organize specialized training to practice softskills in teams for 15 to 20 employees, over 2 half-days separated by a few weeks, accompanied by possible follow-up workshops, on various subjects according to your needs – networks of more than 30 experts.


  • Sharing know-how and life skills
  • Team performance
  • Integration of new employees
  • Top management involvement
  • Corporate culture sharing
  • Employer brand through your ambassadors

Here are some examples of our creations:

  • Client experience
  • Sales & Negotiation
  • Public speaking
  • Stress management
  • Listening and facilitating
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Humor
  • Engineering areas
  • Parenthood and Career

Mentoring Manager program “Empowering all generations”

Over a period ranging from 3 months to 6 months, we organize different sessions with small groups of managers (3-4 managers), see individual mentoring sessions and in parallel, support sessions with top management for “empowering all generations” and accelerate the growth of your company through your talents.


  • Sharing know-how and life skills
  • “Multigenerational” management tools
  • Continuity of key functions
  • Integration of new employees
  • Talent retention
  • Strategy and Governance 2.0
  • Corporate culture sharing
  • Employer brand through your ambassadors
  • Talent management tools for managers
  • Talent path

Here are some examples of our creations:

  • Managers 2.0 3-month program – 3-4 participants
  • 6-month intergenerational mentoring program – pairs of 5 juniors and 5 seniors
  • Individual mentoring “sparring partner”

Executive session

We help you put in place an effective talent management strategy to help you attract the talents that match your corporate culture and the skills you are looking for, retain them and prevent them from moving on to the competition. We offer “executive” type sessions of 2 hours per group of 3-4 managers/directors.


  • Meaning at work
  • Corporate culture
  • Leadership
  • retain talent

Here are some examples of our creations:

  • Benevolent management tools
  • Tools for Talent Management
  • Tools for Employer Branding
  • Linkedin tools
  • Tools for Corporate Culture
  • Tools for listening and facilitating
Develop the skills of your employees to increase their performance and retain them

How do we support you in setting up and developing a high-performance team?

The team will be all the more motivated if they understand the company and the impact it wishes to have. At 123 Next Generation, we want to improve the daily lives of employees and thus boost business performance. Our vision at 123 Next Generation is that our professions will change within 5 to 10 years (source World Economic Forum). There are solutions. At the house of 123NextGeneration, we help you equip yourself to win. Soft skills are additional tools for your employees to adapt to change.

We specialize in soft skills – eg sales, negotiation, customer experience, leadership, areas of genius, public speaking, stress, humor, etc. We organize half-day training, support programs for managers, or “reverse mentoring” solutions around digital, for example over several months to support performance, talent retention, corporate culture, the employer brand and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.


Based on a personalized approach, we identify the blocking points and advise and support you until the right tools are in place so that your teams develop, are motivated, appreciate coming to work in the morning and give the best of themselves to ensure the success of your projects and an optimal ROI.

Invest in your employees to increase customer satisfaction through their mastery of soft skills

A better customer relationship thanks to motivated and committed teams

When employees are happy, understand and buy into the company culture, when they are motivated by working in a stimulating environment that makes them feel like they are contributing to a real project, the customer feels it. .

With the right tools in place, the right environment, by investing wisely in your people, the customer can reap the benefits.

Our tailor-made approach takes into account the needs of management and employees to achieve a result that is both stimulating and as profitable as possible. Our specialized trainers accompany you throughout the project. You benefit from a network of more than 30 experts.

Train employees and create a strong company culture to attract and retain top talent

Invest in your training to retain talent and develop the employer brand

Investing in your team allows you to support performance, improve talent retention, develop your corporate culture and your employer brand.

Investing in your team allows you to create potential ambassadors for you and thus potentially promote your brand to their networks and thus attract new talent.

Losing talent has a cost: loss of customers, loss of knowledge, loss of know-how, need to train the replacement, need to build a new relationship between customers and this replacement. With the development of your teams, you can thus aim to reduce the turnover of your employees and thus minimize the costs linked to high turnover.

Statistics show that companies that invest in their team also recruit more easily and ensure better integration and transmission of skills in the company.

We help you identify your needs, implement a strategy and train your teams to be able to meet future challenges.

« Lead the change. Be the key. »

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