Denis inkei

Denis inkei

Stress Management - Founder and Director at Mind Développement Sàrl

Denis Inkei has been teaching for ten years how to free yourself from chronic stress, regain your quality of life and have the best energy to succeed, whether in the sporting, professional or personal world.

He shares his knowledge in companies and with individuals, has created a personal development center, the MIND Center , and is the author of two books, “Performance: release the brakes, boost resources” and “I ruminate less, let’s go!” (Jouvence ed.).

Denis Inkei holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and a DEA in communication sciences. Before devoting himself to his mission, he held positions of responsibility for twenty years and created his company.

Also 5th dan expert in martial arts, former European vice-champion, sophrologist, reiki practitioner and tireless researcher in various disciplines of consciousness development, he integrates all his experiences into his approach to performance, which he passes on with passion. and expertise.