Jan 28, 2022 | Diversity & Inclusion, Video



At 123 Next Generation we want to highlight talents that move the lines. Discover Nelson Dumas, a young investor in impact projects. In association with 123 Next Generation, we raise funds to facilitate professional reintegration.

Join us and let’s take up this challenge together.

What is this challenge?

On October 17 in Paris I will run my first marathon. I will take the opportunity to bring people together around the idea of helping people in reintegration.

Caritas Geneva participates in professional reintegration by training these talented people in different trades such as sales, catering, dyeing or even sewing to give them a second wind.

You are a company and you are looking for talents? Do not wait any longer.

Through Caritas you have access to experienced, trained and motivated people.

What will this fundraiser allow you?

With these funds, we will offer hyper-qualitative training to 15 people in Switzerland who are starting their professional careers and who are encountering some obstacles.

Why are you doing this challenge?

Access to opportunities and fairness are fundamental values for me. I have the chance to do a job that I love and this opportunity I will offer it to as many people as possible.

What values in sport do you find in business?

The primary common values for me are collaboration and humility. We need others to move forward and we must know our strengths but above all our limits.

Define yourself in 3 words?

Honesty, resilience and willpower.

Why support professional reintegration assistance through 123 Next Generation?

I love the project and I think these trainings make even more sense if they are offered to people who are having difficulties so I want to participate in offering this type of training to these people.

How do you feel about the Paris marathon?

I’m aiming for 3h45 and honestly I believe in it more and more.

How many months of preparation?

It’s four good months of rigorous preparation.

Any particular music you listen to during your workouts?

The High Hopes music from Panic! At The Disco which always excites me in training.

What gives you this strength as a young entrepreneur and athlete?

As young people in 2021 we have to believe in it and the stakes are so much bigger than us.

In conclusion ?

Like in the marathon, I won’t be able to do it alone. So I’m counting on you and your support to achieve our goals.

Do you want to take part in this challenge and thus help these people in their race for employment?

Join the fundraising campaign now through the following link available in the information bar of this video. We need you. Feel free to like this video and share it around you to help us meet this challenge.