Entrepreneurship Week – WAGE IS NOT ENOUGH

Jun 24, 2022 | Corporate culture, Video

Semaine de entrepreneuriat - Le SALAIRE NE SUFFIT PLUS

There are no miracle rules. The human is incredibly complex, but I really believe in the power of recognition, especially at the start, in the power of awareness of what is happening in the other. For that, you have to listen to it. And flexibility too. Because indeed, at the beginning, you really have to be like a bamboo, be able to twist yourself a little in all directions vis-à-vis your employees. We see it with COVID. Me, I am completely. They don’t come to the office, almost, and they work from home. We have goals, we set goals every week and we talk about them, we discuss them, we give feedback. Feedback is very important. And then the atmosphere. So, you may know, but salary is no longer enough to retain employees. Maybe at a certain age, but in any case, most people don’t work at that. And in fact, what makes the difference is you, it’s what you put into your company in terms of atmosphere, in terms of listening, in terms of benevolence. And then results too. From celebrations, there must be happy moments. It is necessary that what you live, you embark them with you, your talents. That is to say, they must feel these successes. It is necessary that even the small successes, there are no small successes. These are successes. You succeed in a long crowdfunding campaign, it’s a celebration and these moments of celebration, they are important to me. I see it in the companies we also advise. We recommend that they do little things like that. But the little things matter and that’s and often people don’t remember what they experienced, but how they felt. And that feeling, we get into something that is much more of a feeling or what they remembered from personal attention.