THE DIFFICULTIES of the professional world? Young people speak up!

Jan 28, 2022 | Multi Generational, Video

LES DIFFICULTÉS du monde professionnel ? Les jeunes prennent la parole !

At 123 Next Generation we wanted to give young people a voice and ask them “what do you really think of today’s professional world?

What difficulties do you see in today’s professional world?

A little lack of visibility. When you leave school, you have a lot of theories, especially that you are already quite tired to find an internship.

Given that we are in catering, it is complicated to find work with the Covid and I think it is complicated for everyone.

It’s difficult because with the corona now companies are much more withdrawn, they don’t want to welcome new people too much. There for student jobs for this summer it’s difficult because with the health crisis they don’t want to take people, they don’t want to take any risks and after that we don’t get too much support in relation to that.

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