WHAT could make you QUIT your JOB? Young people speak up!

Jan 28, 2022 | Multi Generational, Video

Qu’EST CE QUI pourrait vous faire QUITTER votre TRAVAIL ? Les jeunes prennent la parole !

At 123 Next Generation we wanted to give the floor to the young generation in an interview on the sidewalk microphone carried out in the streets of Geneva. We asked them the question “what can make you quit your job?” Here are their answers.

If the atmosphere between colleagues is not good and if I do not feel fulfilled in the tasks.

The atmosphere at work. I once left a job because of the atmosphere because there were too many worries between employees, colleagues, management. I didn’t like it, even if it was very well paid.

The weather. I don’t want to stay three years or more in the same box.

If the people who work are mean, dishonest.

I think it’s the organization of the team, the management of the whole team and especially the leader.

The fact of having found something better elsewhere, quite simply no longer being able to work in unacceptable conditions.