What do YOU THINK of DIGITAL TRAINING? Young people speak up!

Jan 28, 2022 | Multi Generational, Video

Que PENSEZ-VOUS des FORMATIONS DIGITALES ? Les jeunes prennent la parole !

At 123 Next Generation, we wanted to give the floor to the young generation in an interview on the sidewalk microphone carried out in the streets of Geneva. We asked them the question “what do you think of digital training?” Here are their answers.

Personally I don’t like it too much. After I recognize that it is important nowadays and there are tools which can be useful.

I find it good. I am digitally formulated now because of the pandemic so I study remotely and I find it good because we don’t waste time and then it also leaves room for the other activity on the side.

It sucks because there is no contact with people or anything.

I think it’s interesting but it lacks this social side with people with whom you can connect face to face.