Why INVEST in the YOUNG GENERATION? Maxime Lagane answers you in an interview 2.0!

Jan 28, 2022 | Multi Generational, Video

Pourquoi INVESTIR dans la JEUNE GÉNÉRATION? Maxime Lagane vous répond dans une interview 2.0 !

123 Next Generation offers you an exclusive interview with its founder and general manager Maxime Lagane. We asked him the following question: “Why invest in the young generation?” Here are his answers in an interview 2.0.

What advice would you give to businesses?

Be the key as a company, give young people a chance. Give them the keys to success and they will lead you to success.

The next gen in three words?

Brilliant, inspiring and successful. The BIP generation.

Why invest in youth?

After this Covid crisis, we understood how important it was for young people to see each other face-to-face, to network, to be listened to, to learn and practice new skills, especially soft skills, to vibrate during an exclusive event. .

What is this concept of Next Gen Class?

This concept is called next gen because it is an innovative concept where the participant is at the heart of the experience. This product was created by talking regularly with young people in cafes like here, Le boréal café in Geneva.

The advantages of investing in a next Gen class?

Gain in competitiveness, profitability, responsibility, visibility and finally in attractiveness.

Your conclusion?

Yes young people have talent, yes young people are motivated and yes companies invest in young people.

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